that are ready to operate

by Monaco @7 ส.ค. 65 00:51 ( IP : 143...234 )

To the side of the country in the American continent, although there is no fleet, but there are various forces that are ready to operate at any time, and these forces are considered the great powers of the Americas. Of America, there are attempts to migrate, whether it's a bomber, including being patrolled, that has been migrated from the motherland and brought to be deployed at the island, especially at the Android NFC base. Located in Koh Kluang, which is such that    it is about 1,800 miles from the east coast of China, or about 2,900 kilometers from the audience on the American side that has been using a 52-year-old aircraft and has one. There are two words that have been put into service that Kasem AIS has in Guam in the area of ​​Fan Suek. Received since the end of last January. There has been a rehearsal for a large reading device by Specifically in space, the subject of the model is QC Titan, 2 out of 4 that are expected to be rocked.


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