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Recently, the leader of Russia, President Vladimir Putin, has come out to say that during his visit to Tehran, Iran, he admitted that the amount of natural gas transmission Through the Nothing Pipeline, the days from Russia to Europe will probably be reduced even more, for an important reason because the largest gas pipeline that transports Russian gas to the EU will still need The next annual maintenance, which is due for closure tomorrow, July 28, but said that the gas pipeline turbine equipment, which is now sent to Canada for repair, if it has not been repaired already. Still can not be returned as soon as the amount of gas sent by Russia to the European side would have to be reduced even more, it would be only 30 cubic meters per day, but.    At the end of July, because the maintenance is delayed, as far as we can see, it may not be completed according to the original schedule that we had hoped for. As usual, there is a potential to send cards on average for a day. About 167 million cubic meters, but Russian energy giant Shortcutcom announced a reduction in the amount of The card has been sent before, it is only 67 million cubic meters per day since June last, so if there is a reduction in sending cards again, it is only 33 million cubic meters per day. It will be considered to be sending gas only 1 in 5 of the normal gas transmission of 167 million cubic meters per day previously, so it will affect the overall situation quite a lot. On the subject of setting the Russian oil price ceiling by the leading industrialized countries of the G7 or the G7 that defines the mechanism to control pressure. คำอธิบายภาพ


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